Saturday, October 24, 2009

Green by Ted Dekker Review

I have read that if you did not get to read Dekker's White, Red, or Black novels and read his Green you have read all 3 of the others as he combines those three in Green and makes one novel. I have to agree that he has done that.

What I can not agree with is his use of the fantasy mixed with the future and reality. Oh, Ted Dekker is a very talented author, yes, but this is a book that I would not read simply because it's not the genre and style that I am used to.

Dekker is very talented, as I stated, when he is describing events in the book. He certainly knows how to make meaningful characters. His plot is unique in combining fantasy with the reality.

The part that I dislike is the future fantasy of re-creating earth and calling it Green. He portrays God with his character Elyon and Satan with his character Teelah. I don't like his style of using biblical characters and re-creating them in a fantasy style.

But, however, some people do enjoy that sort of thinking and I would highly recommend this book for you. I do not yet if I would enjoy other works of Ted Dekker's but just because I disagreed with this particular work doesn't mean I won't try reading his works again! I just don't like this style of this book.

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