Saturday, October 24, 2009

Green by Ted Dekker Review

I have read that if you did not get to read Dekker's White, Red, or Black novels and read his Green you have read all 3 of the others as he combines those three in Green and makes one novel. I have to agree that he has done that.

What I can not agree with is his use of the fantasy mixed with the future and reality. Oh, Ted Dekker is a very talented author, yes, but this is a book that I would not read simply because it's not the genre and style that I am used to.

Dekker is very talented, as I stated, when he is describing events in the book. He certainly knows how to make meaningful characters. His plot is unique in combining fantasy with the reality.

The part that I dislike is the future fantasy of re-creating earth and calling it Green. He portrays God with his character Elyon and Satan with his character Teelah. I don't like his style of using biblical characters and re-creating them in a fantasy style.

But, however, some people do enjoy that sort of thinking and I would highly recommend this book for you. I do not yet if I would enjoy other works of Ted Dekker's but just because I disagreed with this particular work doesn't mean I won't try reading his works again! I just don't like this style of this book.

*This book was provided for review compliments of Thomas Nelson Publishers*

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Thoughts for Little People by Kenneth Taylor Review

Kenneth Taylor uses the ABC's and combines them with things children, (and adults!) should learn to live a better life and have a closer relationship with Jesus.

Taylor makes it fun for children to learn the ABC's and important lessons by using rhymes and silly,fun pictures! He also adds questions to each lesson so that the children can think about the lessons more thoroughly that are being taught.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, so I know children will enjoy it as well! I'd recommend this book to parents or Sunday School teachers who wish to share God's word and biblical concepts in an exciting and fun way, with young children and adults alike!

Two thumbs up for a best selling children's book author!!!

~This book provided for review courtesy of Tyndale Publishers~