Friday, September 18, 2009

Waiting for Summer's Return by Kim Vogel Sawyer

This story had me from page one! It is magnificently written by a truly talented and wonderful author that writes in a style sure to make you feel a part of the story within the pages!!
Set in a quaint little Mennonite community, Summer Steadman is all alone after her family falls sick and dies. She's desperate for a job to make ends meet, so she boldly takes on the task of teaching Peter Ollenberger's son while he is recuperating from an injury and is unable to attend school. She never planned on falling in love and knows he can't accept her English ways and looks at her as an "outsider", so she leaves to the home built for her near her family's graves, but can she return to the man she loves and accept his Mennonite ways??
Peter Ollenberger is a widowed Mennonite man, raising his son and taking care of his late wife's grandmother. He has a strong faith. He has good friends...that is until the young "learned English woman" lives in the small shack on his property and teaches his son lessons...and steals his heart!
Ms. Sawyer tells of tested faith, the value of family, morals and a love for God that is sure to draw you in from the first page! This book deserves highest praises many times over for an author who knows how to capture the readers' hearts!

Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman

A wunderbaar Amish novel set in the quaint Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Beth Wiseman combines love, faith in God, friendship and family in a way that captures the reader and holds them to the very end!
Lillian Miller, trying to escape a life of lies and a relationship she doesn't need, flees to her Amish grandparents' home in Lancaster County, knowing all along that she will never fit in with her modern style. While there, she discovers truths about her past...things her mother never told her.
Samuel Stoltzfus is a young Amish widow, trying to raise his young son. He meets the young Englischer, the granddaughter of his close friends. He knows the rules of the Ordnung, but can he truly deny what he feels in his heart???
She's forced to choose between two of lies and abuse, and one of simple, family oriented, Godly, plain living...and a life with a wunderbaar, caring man.
What will happen to Lillian and her perfect, modern life and Samuel, with his plain living? Will they face the truth of their feelings, hearts and God and become Plain Perfectin this amazing inspirational novel?
Grab some coffee and a copy of Beth's novel, sit back and enjoy this first book in a wonderful series, Daughters of the Promise! You'll be glad you did! This book truly deserves to be highly praised and I think you'll agree once you,too, have read Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman!!!!! Two thumbs up and five stars to Mrs. Wiseman!!!